Here’s Why WOW! Might be the Best Internet Service for You

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that WOW! ranks among one of the topmost brands in the US when it comes to providing high-quality internet to the citizens. Known for its robust network coverage and stability, WOW! has successfully managed to make it to the list of the most reliable and high-speed ISPs in the United States.

Currently, WOW! is accessible in nine states across the US, having major footprints in the Southeast and Midwest. During its 2.5 decades of service excellence, WOW! has always aimed to facilitate its users in every way, in terms of network quality and customer services, etc. Besides this, the ISP offers a wide range of internet plans, deals, and bundles to its users to fit their everyday browsing needs.

So, whether you are looking for a reliable internet plan for your home, or workplace, WOW! has several high-coverage options that you can subscribe to at reasonable rates. However, you need to remember that each one of these internet plans varies in terms of quality, speed, and price. Also, WOW! offers several types of internet connections that you can choose from, such as DSL, cable, and fiber-optic internet.

Just in case you are looking for a new ISP for your home/workplace, you need to search for a plan that checks all the boxes for you. To make things easier for you, below we have come up with some of the most prominent features, specifications, and perks of the WOW! internet plans. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

WOW! Coverage Areas

WOW! internet is currently available in nineteen markets in the United States, in 9 states. Although the provider offers pretty limited coverage in various states, as compared to some other telecommunication brands in the US, still the good part is that it doesn’t compromise on its network quality or customer services at all.

Currently, WOW! internet is a top internet provider for 840,000 subscribers across the country, having the most users in Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. To check the availability of WOW! internet in your area, we recommend you to reach out to its official website. Or, simply take a look at the table given below.


State Number of Subscribers Cities




Michigan 1,872,510 Detroit, Mid-Michigan 1,000 mbps
South Carolina 260,525 Charleston 1,000 mbps
Tennessee 139,600 Knoxville 1,000 mbps
Illinois 1,604,922 Chicago, Chicagoland 1,000 mbps
Ohio 1,521,373 Cleveland, Columbus 1,000 mbps
Indiana 317,809 Evansville 1,000 mbps
Florida 804,094 Panama City, Pinellas 1,000 mbps
Georgia 389,362 Augusta, Columbus, Fort Gordon, Newnan 1,000 Mbps
Alabama 624,373 Auburn, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, Valley 1,000 Mbps


The Ultimate User-Experience

WOW! Internet stands out from the market due to its high network stability, and extreme focus on customer satisfaction. As WOW! has always prioritized customer convenience and feasibility above everything, it offers tons of economical internet plans and deals to enjoy 24/7 nonstop streaming, downloading and gaming, etc.

So, whether you are a full-time corporate worker, a gaming addict, or simply a student, just know that WOW! has the best internet plans to fit all your needs. Oh, and that too without breaking your bank. How cool is that?

Now, let’s take a look at some of the major advantages that WOW! internet offers you, besides its high-speed connectivity and economical pricing plans.

No Hidden Charges or Price Hikes

WOW! internet never bothers its customers with any contracts, hidden charges, or sudden price hikes. Instead, its prices remain consistent throughout the year, so that you can enjoy a long-term subscription with the provider.

The best part is that the provider does not bind its customers with any annual contracts. In fact, they offer you a convenient, monthly payment plan. Also, you are never liable to pay any cancellation fee, in case you want to change your service provider. However, once your promotional period ends with the provider, you get to pay on a month-to-month basis.

Also, you need to remember that WOW! offers minimum term service plans in some regions. This obligates the customers to remain subscribed to the provider for a year or more than that. Usually, the duration is for 12 to 24 months. So, if you cancel your subscription in the middle of your contract, then you will be liable to pay the Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $164 for a yearly subscription, or $345 for a 24-month plan.

WOW!’s Internet Plans – How Affordable Is It?

WOW! internet provides you with super-economical pricing plans that cater to your everyday downloading, browsing, and gaming needs.

Here are some of the most popular plans by the provider – let’s take a look!

Plan Max. Download Speed Price Whole-Home Wi-Fi (Optional)
Internet 100 100 Mbps $24.99/mo.* $9.99/mo.
Internet 200 200 Mbps $39.99/mo.* $9.99/mo.
Internet 500 500 Mbps $49.99/mo.* $9.99/mo.
Internet 1 GIG 1000 Mbps $64.99/mo.* $9.99/mo.

*In select markets. For twelve months with paperless billing and auto-pay. Speed and equipment availability may differ by area.


WOW! Internet, TV & Phone Bundles

WOW! offers an all-in-one solution to remain connected with your loved ones 24/7. It allows you to enjoy exclusive bundles at pretty economical rates. For example, you can easily bundle up your internet services with high-quality home phone and cable TV plans.

WOW! mainly offers two types of bundles at the moment – Triple Play and Double Play. However, the prices and features of the bundles vary in different regions.

Here’s a quick glimpse of both bundles.

WOW! Triple Play (TV + Internet + Phone) Bundles

Bundles Max. No. of Channels Max. Download Speed Home


PACKAGE 1 130+ 200 Mbps Yes $129.98/mo.*
PACKAGE 2 130+ 500 Mbps Yes $139.98/mo.*
PACKAGE 3 160+ 1 Gbps Yes $164.98/mo.*

*In select markets. For twelve months with paperless billing and auto-pay. Speed and equipment availability may differ by area.


WOW! Double Play (TV + Internet) Bundles

Bundles Max. No. of Channels Max. Download Speed Price

Small TV +



80+ with Free HD


200 Mbps




Medium TV +



130+ with Free HD


200 Mbps




Large TV +



160+ with Free HD


500 Mbps



*In select markets. For twelve months with paperless billing and auto-pay. Speed and equipment availability may differ by area.


WOW! Exclusive Deals

WOW! deals are a perfect fit for households that are looking for a one-stop solution to remain in touch with their loved ones around the clock. WOW! deals have made it pretty convenient to avail of two or more telecommunication services together at affordable rates.

For example, you can enjoy a powerful combo of WOW! high-speed internet, cable TV, and home phone together. How cool is that?

Now, let’s check out the deals for more details – here are the top three deals by WOW! for internet, TV, and home phone.

Deals Max. Download Speed WHOLE-HOME WI-FI Promo Price



200 Mbps








500 Mbps








1 Gbps






What Perks Does WOW! Internet Offer?

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Did you know that WOW! offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with its internet plans? Well, sounds surprising, right?

Once you subscribe to WOW! internet service, you can enjoy a trial period for thirty days. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll face any quality issues with the provider, still if you are not satisfied with the services, you can get your money back without any cancellation charges. But, you won’t really need to go for this option – just like the other 840,000 subscribers.

Secure in-Home Wi-Fi

Due to the ever-growing rate of cybercrimes across the world, it has become an absolute necessity for each one of us to take relevant security measures to prevent phishing and hacking attempts. Fortunately, being a WOW! subscriber, you can enjoy an additional advantage of increased online security with in-built traffic and network protection at all times.



WOW!’s high-end Wi-Fi Gateway ensures that all users are protected from multiple types of bugs, malware, or scams, and enjoy a secure time on the internet.


As we mentioned earlier, WOW! prioritizes customer satisfaction above everything. Therefore, it provides you with a one-stop solution for all the entertainment, and information you need. From the latest news and weather updates to celeb gossip and sports, you can access everything on the WOWWAY portal, whenever you want.

Besides this, you can also manage your WOW! account, home phone voicemail, and watch online TV via the WOWWAY portal. How cool is that?

WOW!’s Exemplary Customer Support

Let’s admit it, there’s nothing more frustrating than unresponsive customer service. It can turn even the nicest products and services into a nightmare.

Thankfully, WOW! understands your concerns, therefore it provides you with highly responsive customer services to cater to your queries on time. Not only that, but WOW!’s representatives are trained to handle your concerns professionally. Therefore, a separate window is dedicated to all services like sales, tech support, customer dealing, etc.

If you wish to talk to WOW!’s customer services agent, simply dial 1-844-343-1373 at any time of the day. Or, simply reach out to its official website.

The Bottom-Line

In a nutshell, we can say that WOW! internet is one of the most reliable and high-coverage ISPs in the United States that offer robust internet connectivity at affordable rates. So, if you are looking to switch your internet connection, then WOW! can surely be your best bet.

From its number of perks and pricing plans to overall features and specifications, we are sure that you have got full knowhow on WOW! internet. But, if you still wish to know more about the ISP, then please feel free to drop us a comment below. Or, simply reach out to BuyTVInternetPhone.

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